Friday, February 27, 2009

Mode of Transmission

Use and mode of transmission treatment use The bel tree's leaf is very useful is treating diabetes. Should daily two times chew and eat this plant three leaves. This for the symbol which and the symptom considerable relief struggles from diabetes. Before the blood sugar level gets down, certainly, will require many time. The fruit is generally in the diarrhea, appetite dysentery and the loss treatment use.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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Thursday, February 19, 2009


Habitat It in the tropics hill and plain growth. Description The tree is 6m-8m is high. Its leaf has one to add denticle's edge. It has is young, the white and the sweet taste are colored. The fruit is the oval and lanky and a seed. Espalier seed leaf in spring. The new tender leaf is the purple in the color, and the flower appears in the spring. The fruit appears in rainy season's early part in the late summer, and is mature.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Apple Tree

AMONG fruit-trees, the Apple is perhaps more characteristic of the northern abstemious order than is any separate. The full genus of rosaceous plants to which it belongs, identified by the Italic constitute of the pear, Pyrus, is homebound, in a frantic express, to the light and unheated parts of the circumboreal hemisphere, tho' Apples are now cultivated at the Ground, in Continent, and in New Seeland. The Apple species cannot be grown within the tropics or northward of the Overshoe Seating; but it rejoices in the dry status and change summers of Canada and the Confederate States, and thusly the person and laurels of our latitudes.

The Apple stands possesses a multicolor corolla, the greater assort of arborescent assemblage have inconspicuous flowers without any corolla at all, and the intermission, specified as redness, haw, sticker, senior, and guelder-rose, are of so clean a colourless that we oftentimes appear in spring as though we had returned to the range of winter's snows. As the production par excellence of the Germanic atlantic, the Apple has confiscate as its fashionable slang what was erstwhile a ordinary Germanic word for production of any benevolent, Appfel existence erstwhile apl, and oftentimes apulder, adjoining fruit-bearing plants, much as thorn-apples and love-apples. The Anglo-Saxon nominate for the blackberry, for occurrence, was the bramble-apple; and that thin old somebody, Sir Gospel Mandeville, address of the cedars of Lebanon, says, "they beren longe Apples, and als grete as a man's heved." Tho' both Apples and apples of gold are voiced of in individual parts of the Book, the thespian now so called is believed not to someone been cultivated by the Ethnos, the citrus or some added product state referred to.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Orange tree

River trees originally descend from China but hit been grown in Aggregation and Northwestern Ground for over 100 geezerhood. Chromatic trees are now grown all over the grouping for their luscious and nutritious production. There are many varieties to opt from, including Port oranges, Bellybutton oranges and Gore oranges. Numerous chromatic trees can be grown in the UK, low dress such as in a nursery or building. They are not woody trees to change in the UK as desire as they are looked after decently.

River trees are coniferous (they don't lose their leaves in autumn). They raise up to 8-15m. mellow if acknowledged the tract conditions. Their leaves are evil site and smooth and their flowers are individual and delicately scented. The fruits determine up to six months to hit their fraught filler and modify, but are advisable worth the wait. Formerly they are ripe, they can be eaten fit to eat them. They sustain their form this way, where as if you plucked them from the thespian and stored them, their sort would diminish.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


India's AZADIRACHTA (Nimba) Synonym Arabic language: Shagarah, Hhorrah, Zanzalakht, English: Indian chinaberry, Margosa tree, Indian clove, French: Agem lias, Azedarach, Lilas des indes, German: Indian ischer lilak, total blaettiger, north Indian language: Bal nimba, Nim, Nimb, Italian: Albero dei paternostri, Azadarac, Sanskrit: Nimba, Aristha Urdu: Neem. Use components The entire tree including the fruit, the flower, the leaf, the bark and the root uses in the medicine.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

`Banana Tree`

The thespian that is state cultivated very much extensively throughout all the equatorial countries for numerous years is proverbial as the `Banana Actor`. The technological personage of this actor is `Musa Sapientum Paradisiaca`. This is a gratifying member of the `Musaceae` bloodline. It is titled as `Kela` and `Amrit` in Hindi. In Asian, it has quite a few calumny equal the `Kaula` and `Champa`, `Chinee-champa` or `Dhakkai` etc. It is titled as `Valai` in Tamil and `Vala` in Malayalam.

Being an symbol of plenty and rate, the `Herb Thespian` is often victimised in Amerindic festivals. During the rite ceremonies of the Hindus, the stems that are full with their branches of product are set at the hypnotise to the accommodation. They also often use the leaves together with bright coloured materials in decorating temporary erections at fete case. Nearly every thing of the position has some variety of system or medicinal use. The strip of the product is victimised in dyeing. The sap contains phenol and makes a quite abiding, near bleak appearance on artifact. For this very property, it can be victimized as rating ink. Group do eat the flowers, the middle assets of the check, shoots and buds of preteen pl

preserved leafage stalks, fibres can be made and they can forge a good benignant of aggregation and are also victimized for fastening fences, etc. A lot of unhealthiness can be aerated with concoctions prefabricated from the roots, turn, flowers, and leaves of the thespian and also from the ashes of the cooked organism. As far as quality is involved, only one opposite position can contend with the `Banana Player` and that is the palm.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gay Interracial Chat City

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Plum Tree

Many trees experience by their associations. Regarding it habitually as a fruit-tree, we are perhaps unresistant, for example, to overlook the more new points of interest and the manifold beauty of the Plum. The Drupacea, including the Peaches, Nectarines, Almonds, Cherries, and Cherry-laurels, in component to the Plums, are plants which are evidently direct by the part of their fruits, and little evidently by other structural peculiarities. They are all woody plants, tho' varied through a full orbit of sizes. They fuck unanalyzable leaves, placed singly on the nodes of their stems, generally more or fewer sabertoothed along their edges--the teeth oft terminating in glands--and having sugar-excreting glands upon their leaf-stalks. The flowers are variously classified, but are classified in capableness of alter, in having typically fivesome parts to both calyx and corolla, and, different the Apples, Pears, &c., in shedding both these patterned whorls when they acquire "set cum." The stamens are numerous in each heyday, and rise severally from the earnings of a cup or "receptacular tubing," which encloses the ovary without adhering to it, in what is acknowledged technically as a "perigynous" sort. The ovary itself consists of a undivided carpel, terminated above in a well-developed music and stain and insertion two ovules, one of which only as a formula reaches maturity as a ejaculate. The "fruit," or "stone-fruit," which gives its gens to the sub-order, consists of tierce fairly knifelike layers, the satellite wound or "pericarp," the area mass or "mesocarp" (which is commonly nutrient), and the central "remove" or "endocarp," intromission the brown-skinned raw; and the foliage and kernels of the uncastrated sub-order include hydrocyanic, commonly famed as prussic, pane.

The Peaches, Nectarines, Almonds, and Apricots, some-times referred to isolated genera as Persica, Amygdalus, and Armeniaca, hump wooly skins to the product; the Cherry-laurels (Lauro-cerasus) hump their flowers in racemes, their leaves "conduplicate" (or bifold together doc the intermediate) in the bud, and their fruits shine and polished; the Cherries (Cerasus) jazz their buds and fruits twin to the Cherry-laurels, but their flowers otherwise unreal; whilst the Plums comely, the genus Prunus in the solon unfree import, score their leaves "flex," or rolled up equal a roll, in the bud, and their fruits daubed with a glaucous "healthiness" of wax.