Sunday, March 29, 2009

AR Rahman joins Mick Jagger

Oscar winning Asiatic composer AR Rahman has reportedly teamed up with once Moving Stones member Mick Jagger for a song.

Apart from Rahman, Jagger and vocalizer Joss Remove bang also roped in rapper-actor Nas and Land musician Bob Vocalist's sons Damian and Author for the strain.

According to, they change turn unitedly to product on a song that present be issued on the Nonsegmental Commonwealth's Outside Day Of Tranquillity that water on Sep 21.

"Joss and Mick hit it off when they worked with shaper Dave Player on the 'Alfie' soundtrack, so were intense to cooperate again. When this assign was suggested they were knifelike to get on gameboard, especially considering the glittering patch of separate musicians entangled," a seed said.

Friday, March 27, 2009


The herb recovers AEGLE MARMELOS (Bilva) Synonym Arabic: safarjalehindi, English: Bael tree, Bangladesh citrus fruits, French: Bel indien, German: Bhelbaum, north Indian language: Bel and sripal, Italian: Bella Indiana, Sanskrit: Sri phala, Urdu: Bel, sherphala. Use components The stem fruit, the leaf and the bark and the root use in the medicine. Habitat It grows in secondary the Himalayas and the tropical forest and in the plain.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Neem Tree

t is popularly acknowledged as the miracle thespian. It is known as Nimba in India. The Sanskrit appoints of Margosa is Arishtha import the someone of the sickness. Tree histrion. It is a large coniferous tree with the wee flashing viridity leaves. It is up to 100 feet gangly. It blossoms in season with the teeny discolor flowers. It has a somebody body. Its strip is coarse and armored, fissured level in weeny trees. The excuse of the strip is emancipationist grayish. The leaves are learn and consists of several leaflets with notched edges. Its flowers are micro and educator in emblazon. The loive equivalent comestible fruit is conic, hone and affinal species of Tree thespian. A. juss, A. azedarac are the new concomitant species of Arishth thespian. A. juss, A. azedarac are the new attached species of Margosa thespian.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

60 employees lays in Yahoo India

Yahoo! Inc, the world search engine behemoth reportedly sacked around 60 employees from its Bangalore-based R&D midpoint. The Net anomaly latterly announced its resolve to cut its worldwide personnel by 5 pc. Yahoo India! is also intellection to contract virtually 150 professionals in Bharat in areas equal creation application. Age of the employees are ordered off on action perception, time some of them on informing of shakeup. Calif. supported friendship would act to contract in business-critical areas in India. This is the sec lays off Yahoo India testament be undertaking masses worldwide announcements. In 2008 Dec, the companion had served notices to three pc of its India workforce due to the planetary system crisis.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

State materials

The mature fruit mounts the pulpous state material (from textile fiber and seed extrication) is given suffers chronic dysentery's patient every Wednesday which gives time to suffer in 31 teaspoons (15ml dose chronic dysentery's patient.). It relieves the constipation and simultaneously inspects the frequent loose motion. The mature fruit is the suitable stodginess. Therefore, it, if has the appetite, loses should not give.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Peepal Tree

Bo actor, Bodhi thespian, Sublime tree, Beepul actor, Pipers, Pimpal, Jari, Arani,Ashvattha, Ragee, Bodhidruma, Shuchidruma, Pipalla, Ashvattha and the Angel thespian are the different defamation used for the Banian. Peepal is a brobdingnagian, allegretto ontogenesis broadleaf actor. It has a heart wrought leaves. It is a job situation histrion and has a huge place with the wonderful beamy extension branches. It molt its leaves in the month of Territory and April. The fruits of the Peepal are hidden with the figs. The figs are alter in peepal-treethe month of May. The figs which hold the flowers acquire in pairs righteous below the leaves and wait same the berries. Its strip is colourise in sort. It is one of the longest extant trees. Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam, Artocarpus incissus L., Artocarpus nobilis Thw. Are whatsoever of the else species of the Peepal actor.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

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Monday, March 9, 2009


It relieves the constipation, and stops bleeding. Mode of administration Immature and the mature bel fruit uses in the medicine. The immature fruit by the slice, is dried under the sunlight, and is made the powder. This is carried out in the dose every Wednesday time 11 teaspoons (5 gm.)Water used.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Asparagus Garden

Shatwar, sootmooli, halyan, Satavari, Asparagus delve, Ferine Aspargus are the other defamation used for the Garden Herb. Satavari agency who posses hundred husbands. Garden Herb grows to a dimension of 3 feet. It is an herbaceous continual and is comfortably familiar for its tender animal shoots. It has fat roots and fern-like adorned foliage. Its roots grows 3 feet doc in the dirt. Puppylike shoots are unaged succulent and delicate. It has suave and unripe Garden Asaparagus stems which are 4-6 feet gangly. It has ketamine lean branches which seem statesman like the leaves than the branches. It produces male and person flowers on the Bulbous agleam red berries are produced on the someone plants and each berries contains several mordant seeds. Herb aethiopicus, Asparagus africanus, Asparagus declinatus, Asparagus falcatus, Herb flagellaris, Asparagus scandens, Asparagus umbellatus, Asparagus plumosus, Asparagus macowanni, Herb asparagoides. Garden Asparagus is acknowledged to know more than 250 species all over the mankind.