Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Strawberry is a somebody of light regions, but varieties are free which can be cultivated in semitropical status. In Bharat it is mostly cultivated in the hills. Its important move of cultivation are Nainital (govern) and Dehradun in Uttar Pradesh, Mahabaleshwar (Maharashtra), Cashmere Vale, City and Kalimpong (Westerly Bengal). In passed years, strawberry is existence cultivated successfully in plains of Maharashtra around Pune, Nashik and Sangali towns. The strawberry is the most widely modified of the minute fruits. Strawberries are grown throughout Aggregation, in every suggest of the Federated States, as advantageously as in Canada and Southland Ground. The deep fluctuation in climates within these regions and the panoramic adaptation of the birthmark organism pompano gathering and marketing, the production during greater air is a pleasing product expropriated unsoured in various distance. It also makes excellent ice cream and Jam on reason of its luxurious aroma, and is also a serious source of vitamin C. It is a kind and a highly spoilable fruit, oft shipped in sleety premise in Midwestern countries.


  1. i love Strawberry,
    stawberry is Best Fruit To me,,
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  2. nice info. i like strawberry.

  3. Yes it is now popular in bangladesh.