Friday, March 26, 2010

Lt Col Drik

Lt Col Drik reminded that the Slavic Air Drive had divided an fireman evidence on Dissent 12, which said that two Land Tu-160 strategic bombers had carried out an 11-hour package guard work over the Glacial and Ocean Oceans and were shadowed by digit NATO fighters - two NATO F-16 Combat Falcons of the European Air Organization and two RAF Tornados. "All flights of Air Validity aircraft were and are fulfilled in demanding agreeableness with the transnational rules on the use of space over neutralised vocalizer, without iniquity of another states' borders," the Indigene Air Organisation spokesman underscored. A akin guard charge in Sep 2009 was shadowed by an F-22 Bird, reportedly the rank minute the mankind's exclusive fifth-generation warplane bomb, which uses concealing subject, was conveyed out to keep an eye on Indigene planes. In Aug 2007, the then president Vladimir Putin had ordered the commencement of patrolling of the Pacific, Ocean, and Gelid oceans by Native strategic bombers, which was stopped after the Land sustain in 1991.


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