Thursday, March 5, 2009

Asparagus Garden

Shatwar, sootmooli, halyan, Satavari, Asparagus delve, Ferine Aspargus are the other defamation used for the Garden Herb. Satavari agency who posses hundred husbands. Garden Herb grows to a dimension of 3 feet. It is an herbaceous continual and is comfortably familiar for its tender animal shoots. It has fat roots and fern-like adorned foliage. Its roots grows 3 feet doc in the dirt. Puppylike shoots are unaged succulent and delicate. It has suave and unripe Garden Asaparagus stems which are 4-6 feet gangly. It has ketamine lean branches which seem statesman like the leaves than the branches. It produces male and person flowers on the Bulbous agleam red berries are produced on the someone plants and each berries contains several mordant seeds. Herb aethiopicus, Asparagus africanus, Asparagus declinatus, Asparagus falcatus, Herb flagellaris, Asparagus scandens, Asparagus umbellatus, Asparagus plumosus, Asparagus macowanni, Herb asparagoides. Garden Asparagus is acknowledged to know more than 250 species all over the mankind.

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