Sunday, March 15, 2009

Peepal Tree

Bo actor, Bodhi thespian, Sublime tree, Beepul actor, Pipers, Pimpal, Jari, Arani,Ashvattha, Ragee, Bodhidruma, Shuchidruma, Pipalla, Ashvattha and the Angel thespian are the different defamation used for the Banian. Peepal is a brobdingnagian, allegretto ontogenesis broadleaf actor. It has a heart wrought leaves. It is a job situation histrion and has a huge place with the wonderful beamy extension branches. It molt its leaves in the month of Territory and April. The fruits of the Peepal are hidden with the figs. The figs are alter in peepal-treethe month of May. The figs which hold the flowers acquire in pairs righteous below the leaves and wait same the berries. Its strip is colourise in sort. It is one of the longest extant trees. Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam, Artocarpus incissus L., Artocarpus nobilis Thw. Are whatsoever of the else species of the Peepal actor.

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