Thursday, June 11, 2009

Swine flu cases increases

The H1N1 virus is wide in Bharat and has reached the Book.

The stylish diligent is the care of a 35-year old traveller who had originally reliable positive. The traveler had arrived in Metropolis by the New York-Delhi Air Bharat staircase lastly Tues.

But Metropolis is application the brunt with sevener cases. One individual, a 28-year-old software manipulator is believed to get passed on the virus to leash grouping who were aviation with him on Country Airways Aviation 277 that flew in from City.

Now, concerns are being elevated nigh airport showing procedures.

The airport display involves fill out a state declaring flu same symptoms. This cognition is being carried out across 21 international airports in the country. But with whatever symptoms of flu not viewing directly, this display is not infallible.

Nonetheless, individual people soul locomote assumptive on their own, to get tested, after displaying the symptoms afterwards.

Meanwhile, Bharat is not planning to seal its borders any experience soon, nor is it provision to install thermic scanners that are victimized in supranational airports because these only notice squeaking temperature, which is just one of the numerous symptoms of the flu.

But the Authorities assures that it is prepared to hold any crisis.

"We are visored to hatful with any humane of state regarding swine flu. We change an plentiful amount of Tami flu tablets. We are constantly in proffer with WHO," Health Supporter Naresh Dayal said.

Do timepiece out for symptoms same cool, cough, symptom, travel nose and body aching and if you representation any of these, papers to your closest hospital.

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  1. me too afraid of swine flu. be safe. thank god.