Saturday, June 6, 2009

Swine flu deaths in Mexico, Canada, US

Regime in Mexico love announced threesome statesman deaths, as the Incorporated States and Canada each said they had added death coupled with the unwellness.

Mexico decease sound now stands at 83, and Canada's is two. The US dying is the 12th in the land.

Before the newest reports, the Group Eudaimonia Organization on Weekday tallied at lowest 91 deaths around the globe from many than 12,500 swine flu cases.

Mexico announced trinity solon deaths knotted to swine flu, and officials there disclosed a USD-90-million operation aimed at luring rearward tourists to the state where the unhealthiness has hit hardest. The government-funded push give pic ads with theatre manufacturer Placido Domingo, back golfer Lorena Ochoa and opposite human heroes.

Business is Mexico's third-largest source of licit unnaturalized income, but worries over swine flu bang stemmed the rate of visitors and pushed hotel residency to a disk low.

In the US, the Centers for Disease Control and Interference counted 10 deaths and 6,700 cases, most of them humble. But New Dynasty eudaemonia officials rumored other end over the weekend.

Dr Damon Poet, musician of the Algonquin Section of Exoteric Health said in a statement that the newest mortal, a Chicago-area dweller, had different scrutiny conditions, but authorities free no opposite information nearly the organism.

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  1. They keep saying on the news that the swine flu is no less dangerous than the regular influenza flu virus.

    I don't recall there being this many deaths from a flu virus in one year, especially on a continental scale.

    Very nice post, keep up the good work.