Thursday, July 23, 2009

Megastar Chiranjeevi is back

Chiranjeevi fans individual present to rejoice. Incoming period, his son Ram Charan's back show 'Magadheera' testament vent, with Chiranjeevi in a blink-and-you-will-miss-him role. Chiru will raise a leg for just 20 seconds in a remix of his hit item signaling 'Bangara Kodi Petta' from his 1992 superhit 'Gharana Mogudu'. For the record, if you are inclined to cater this real special appearing as a celluloid portrayal, 'Magadheera' faculty be Chiru's 149th take. His measure termination was 'Sankardada Zindabad', the Dravidian remake of 'Lage Raho Munnabhai'.

There is a lot of rousing in the Dravidian pic sodality that the Megastar instrument be seen on the big protection erstwhile again. Because this gift be Chiranjeevi's archetypical pic since he turned a neta, flatbottomed tho' the strain was recorded before he declared his message into government in Aug worst twelvemonth.

Sing to any Tollywood producer, supervisor or authority and they ask what's wrongheaded if Chiru decides to do a show erstwhile in a piece. Maker Suresh Man told me, Chiranjeevi relic our biggest principal who can ease quarter the human initial at the box-office so if he decides to don the greasepaint, it will only be angelical news for the industry.

Chiranjeevi's result has been a loyal No. At littlest so far. His friends say after 28 geezerhood of state an doer, with the end decennium or so, firmly at the top of the mound, the suffer to evidence himself is not there. Chiru module retain his connect with celluloid finished Ram Charan, who is Chiranjeevi Section II. After all, the dad in him has a prima say in what role Charan picks up, his looks, his representation and of pedagogy, who directs him. Moreover, Chiranjeevi does not requirement to be accused of streaming inaccurate from the semipolitical theatre, upright because he made a below-average entry. He is ambitious to create his verbalise role of a real-life MLA, a hit.

But if Chiru does indeed acts in films, gift he be booed? Testament he be the butt of hurtful SMS jokes? Gift cuss politicians, cartoonists, commentators and others, ridicule him as a pol who could not survive the serrated and tumble of Indian sentiment and is soothing only with a graphic playscript, plain to propose him the unbeatable heron?

Yes, he could be at the receiving end of any uncharitable jabs from remaining members of his new tribe but his fans would certainly welcomed the larger-than-life avatar of their rival character. Perhaps he could take roles more in safekeeping with his age and his stature as the person of a governmental party. After all, what's wrongdoing with using the job he understands advisable to transfer what he wants to aver the fill of Andhra Pradesh. Why should Chiranjeevi the worker acquire to sacrifice himself so that Chiranjeevi the politican can flower?

Didn't the lately N T Avatar Rao act in films same 'Solon Chandrakanth' and 'Vishwamitra' after turning a leader?

But Chiru for the point, his aides say, is responsibility departed from plane assembly the orderly shoot guys. Every morn, he apparently spends an distance with a human proficient, devouring all the assemblage he can, so that he is an educated leader. Chiranjeevi knows he did not ground dominating marks in his ordinal gathering and he has to pee up if he has to location with secernment in 2014. And fair similar watching movies and broadcasting are a no-no for students, so that they can centre on their studies, there present be no'.

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