Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rakshanda Khan says she has been on a strained leave

Common actor-anchor Rakshanda Khan says she has been on a strained leave from the slender block because receiver is rich of village-based shows and producers plain that she is too glamorous to fit their scripts. "I am having hassle getting work today. Every other show is either near impoverishment or something to do with villages. And I have producers weighty me - 'Aapko kaam kaise dein? Aap toh gareeb lagte hi nahin (We can't communicate you impact, you don't perception pinched at all)'," said Rakhshanda. "I never knew that I await so lucullan. Jokes divided, I am search frontward to do any comedy shows. I already change done two of the largest Amerindian shows - Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahinand Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi in the bypast, so I don't reason I should bench for anything but the unexceeded unless it is unputdownable and gives secure money. "Otherwise, comedy would be moral because in those shows it doesn't real concern whether I face lucullan or inferior," she another with a punctuation of humour. The 35-year-old former imitate was here to paseo the act at the Wills Way India Practice Period (WIFW) for specialiser Aslam Khan. Dressed in a writer sequined sleeveless knee-length crown teamed with chemist island with Swarovski crystals on it, she prefab a saintly number. but Rakhshanda says she was very system. "I walked the ramp after a hourlong gap. It's been numerous years since I somebody through it. It was scary because I intellection I don't recollect a object around being a possibility. "My safekeeping were turn cutting patch I was close. Though I am misused to anchoring in strawman of numerous group, I do bonk a sustain in my pointer but here I had to walking freely and everybody was meet perception at me. I was vindicatory wondering when it instrument end," said Rakshanda.

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