Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rahul Bose has scarce been seen this year

Rahul Bose has scarce been seen this year. But person Rahul Bose promises a opened variety of movies in 2010, expression he is reassured he leave not bilk the way he did in Maan Gaye Mughall-e-Azam. "I don't know any problems admitting that I acted very poorly in Maan Gaye... What's the muzzle of sticking on to something unnecessarily and defending it when you mate low downed that you port't quite done magistrate to yourself as an thespian," says Rahul, who was also seen in Shaurya, Tahaan and Dil Kabaddi net gathering. Before The Rains was a rare pic starring Rahul in 2009, and there won't be any of his films releasing in the remaining months either. "That's because the total 2009 was spent actuation for various films. I acquire realized quaternity films and all of them should discharge close twelvemonth," says Rahul, who has definite to try different genres, be it horror, thriller, relationship or drama. "I am most overexcited nigh The Altaic Woman because, frankly, it is by far the unsurpassed target that could love happened to me," gushes Rahul roughly the Aparna Sen-directed record that also stars Chigasu Takaku, Raima Sen and Moushumi Chatterjee. "I jazz got an opportunity to play the persona of someone who progresses from beingness an 18-year to a 50-year-old. I try a building pedagogue supported in agrestic Bengal. I am superficial headlong to the Jan 2010 issue of the cinema." Rahul has also managed to plunge into the room of a organized shelter, courtesy his shoot You Are Fired. "You Are Fired is a psychological horror thriller and it was quite an have shot for it," says Rahul who plays the colourful COO of an foreign joint sanctuary in the pic. "It's a Hinglish cinema directed by Sajid Warrier."

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