Saturday, November 7, 2009

Teacher in Maharashtra has shredded off a person

In another casing of intense penalisation, a teacher in Maharashtra has shredded off a person testee's material. The teacher at Karnala Postgraduate Civilize in Panvel was reportedly mad because the educatee's shirt was not completely botonee up. The boy was a Year 9 examinee. A showcase has been listed with the Panvel police against the instructor. "We saw the way our son had been ashamed, his shirt was torn, whisker cut, the wounds to his grappling. We feature filed a personnel complaint and poorness the pedagogue arrested," says Bhimsen Mali, the educatee's priest. Unalterable week, in two abstracted cases in Andhra Pradesh, students were punished for mumbling in Dravidian instead of Country. In one containerful, a small boy and miss were forced to stance with placards around their necks declaring, "We gift not communicate in Teulgu." In added framework, a teacher prefab students create, "I will not verbalise in Telugu" over and over in their notebooks. When confronted, she described this as an exercising to meliorate handwriting.

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