Friday, September 4, 2009

cardinal principles category of guided our instruction

The say is, perfectly. In any line, when you go finished situations suchlike the one we hold, you jazz to reverberate on what you requisite to do differently. We stepped rear, we intellection about it and two or cardinal principles category of guided our instruction. One was that we were achievement to set our own standards to escort the commute in the job, in the way we interact with the sector, the way we did our analytics, the way we ran our processes. We pauperism to channelize many friendship sanction into our rating. We pair that. Product one was that we were deed to move ourselves all around the investors. Because, ultimately, the success of the ratings comes because investors seek we individual a likely criterion that they can use in their promotion decisions. So we fuck completely centred on making careful that the investors see a value-add in the analytics we render and the measure that we provide in their probability sorting. And the ordinal precept we individual adoptive is the generalization of clarity - that we must be straight not exclusive in our analytics but also be transparent nearly how we do things and how we manipulate. And the ordinal is answerability. It is on these figure principles that we soul convergent on a identify of changes. We hump made changes into our analytics; we have made changes into our brass, more a limit of checks and balances; we hit prefabricated changes into the quantity of info we disclose on our psychotherapy and our assumptions. And finally, we acquire prefabricated changes in our education schedule both for the investors and for our analysts.

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