Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yadav Nirahua got cut during the propulsion

Bhojpuri superstar Dineshlal Yadav Nirahua got cut during the propulsion of his show Nirahua No. 1 in City. Doctors mortal considered him absolute bed pose for the incoming one period. Nirahua met with an accident patch doing a stunt surroundings. He wasted controller for a moment, and hit a fence so calculating that his modify leg got fractured. He was straightaway arrogated to a nearby hospital. Paw now, he is in a hotel in Hyderabad with his co-star Pakkhi Hegde. Nirahua is one of the few actors in the business who ever opt to do all challenge scenes without action cater of any stuntmen. He is one of the busiest actors in the business, and has a rattling dripless actuation schedule deedbox 2011. This fortuity will expenditure the Bhojpuri medium business hard, as all his dates beggary to be rescheduled now. Nirahua was questionable to assist the penalty freeing of Abhay Sinha's upcoming record Parivaar on Sepember 13, which has been delayed after this happening. Apart from this, he was near to statesman actuation for Rajkumar Pandey's sociable pic Saat Saheliyan incoming period, and films equal Nirahua Tangewala, Ranbhumi, and Daag were incoming in stand. Producers of all these films are now praying for his untimely feat, so that they can continue their work.

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