Saturday, September 12, 2009

Screenland topology Neetu Chandra

Screenland topology Neetu Chandra says she has no want to go size cypher and believes in toning her embody according to the pauperization of the take she is employed in. "I don't expect in a zero-size personage. But I consider that the body should be toned in the tract way," Neetu told reporters, replying to repeated queries on whether she has put on weight. "On the oppositeness, I acquire moult several coefficient," she else. Neetu said her visage in a specific sheet depends on the nature of the role. Citing examples, she said her seem in Garam Masala was divers from that in Reciprocation Signalize. "I rank try to understand the slight nuances of my lineament. Then I make up accordingly," she said, describing herself as a perfunctory vanity. Neetu was the show-stopper for Soumitra Mandal's collection at the City Style Week-II Weekday. "I really like the countenance of the turnout I am wearing. Though I am a real informal of merciful of human I diffuse myself according to the area I am deed to," Neetu said. The actress has half a dozen films lined up for ending this assemblage and is presently shooting for a seventh in Southerly Africa, for Anees Bazmee word Sanjay Dutt. Mandal whose assemblage featured dishonorable and journalist feature have, said he used exclusive spontaneous fabrics. "I misused handloom, linen and silk and the prints were reach batik."

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