Tuesday, September 8, 2009

guilty in Sudan for wearing a trouser in world

Lubna Husain, guilty in Sudan for wearing a trouser in world, on Weekday said she would not pay $200 pulverised and instead tackling a situation sentence. A intractable Lubna, who is a other journalist, was arrested on July 3 along with 12 else women for violating Soudan's exoteric misbehaviour law by act trousers exterior. Patch she wasn't flogged, Lubna was asked to pay a thin of $200. But she has stood her percept, language she won't pay a coin in resist against the nation's exacting laws on women's grooming. "Displace me to jail but I won't rationalise," the 34-year-old writer said. "Lubna has expressed that she doesn't require to pay the money, the note, and she wants to go to situation in condition to take the container promote up and up and in my ruling if she freelance the money she would not be in situation," said Manal Awad, lawyer thing of Lubna King's team team. The circumstance has prefab headlines in Soudan and around the group and Lubna says she hopes to exploit experience opinion against the state's morality laws based on a strict reading of Muhammadanism. And she mightiness be next as Mercifulness International has titled on the African regime to annulment these unpermissive laws. While imperfect rights and governmental groups in Sudan say the law is in ravishment of the 2005 formation drafted after a tranquillity handle ended two decades of war.

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