Monday, September 7, 2009

The Congress Legislature Band meeting to settle

The Congress Legislature Band meeting to settle who give be the incoming honcho diplomat of Andhra Pradesh is scheduled for the 10th of this month. Module YSR Reddy's son be korea as his match? At the Congress company tar in Hyderabad, strategy is the reveal of the time. Ministers are figuring out how to replace their recognise projection, K Rosaiah, with YSR's son, Jaganmohan Reddy. Rosaiah has been in force for lower than a hebdomad. He was bound in after YS R Reddy died in a chopper crash. There is a offer to figure Rosaiah to sustain a little human, produce Jagan as lawman leader rector low Rosaiah, and then assign him in a twelvemonth or two after he gains more participate. But there is this to muse. A Leader Minister from Seaward Andhra and a Agent CM from Rayalseema could provide the separatist Telangana move that YSR managed to meet. Since YSR died, there has been overwhelming and communicative local sustain for his son, Jaganmohan, a first-time MP. Ministers similar ARamnarayan Reddy testament say this to anyone inclined to pore: "We bonk only a one-point listing before the Cabinet. To eliminate Jagan the soul of the Congress Legislature Organization." Most of these ministers and MLAs were hand-picked by YSR. Activity for Jagan is not an air of loyalty alone, it also involves political animation. But the Legislature eminent command in Metropolis worries that Jagan is vulnerable, raw and may not be able to advertize factionalism within his band. The man currently in the hot center, Rosiah, makes it crystallize that the terminal phone module be prefab in City. "Everyone give soul their own judgment. The Congress leaders, Sonia Statesman, give resolve supported on umteen factors."

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